Athrey Nadhan




Position: Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering,  University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, August 2012-Present


Neuqua Valley High School, Graduated May 2012

Research Experience:

Illinois Institute of Technology – Chicago (Prof. Vijay Ramani, Associate Professor in Chemical Engineering)


Fuel Cell Energy Researcher – Electro-osmotic Drag (EOD)


  • Designed method of measuring EOD coefficient and optimized mechanisms involved
  • Automated calculation and simulation of EOD coefficient by programming in Wolfram Mathematica

June – August 2012

Fuel Cell Energy Researcher – Ion Exchange Capacity (IEC)
  • Developed and modified multiple analytical chemical experiments to measure the IEC
  • Assessed results to optimize test methods to validate their robustness, validity and reliability

July – August 2011

Publications and Presentations:

  1. Arges , C.G., Parrondo , J., Johnson, G., Nadhan, A., & Ramani, V. “Assessing the influence of different cation chemistries on ionic conductivity and alkaline stability of anion exchange membranes.” Journal of Materials Chemistry. 22 (2012): 3733-3744.
  2. Arges, C.G., Ramani, V., Nadhan, A. (Acknowledgement). “Electrochemical properties and degradation of polysulfone anion exchange membranes for use in solid alkaline fuel cells.” Gordon Research Conference – Fuel Cells, 2012, Bryant University, Smithfield, RI.

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