Our group occupies approx. 1200 square feet of laboratory space in Brauer Hall with access to 6 fume hoods. The lab is equipped with a Solartron 8-channel potentiostat with FRA, 2 Pine RRDE, 3 fuel cell test stations, 2 flow battery test stations, a membrane conductivity measurement apparatus (built in-house), a Glovebox, a water sorption analyzer, a thermogravimetric analyzer, a differential scanning calorimeter, a dynamic  mechanical analyzer with several accessories for PEM and AEM testing, a MEA manufacturing station, a Carver hot press, a high speed centrifuge, a B.E.T surface area analyzer, a GC with FID and TCD detectors, a FTIR spectrometer, and a fluorescence spectrometer with fiber optic probes.

Additional characterization facilities (NRF) are located in the same building and accessible to us. This lab is equipped with facilities for sample preparation, characterization of materials using techniques such as XRD, ICP, mass spectrometry, etc…

Central facilities (SEM, TEM, AFM, NMR, XPS, etc.) are readily available at the Institute of Materials Engineering (WUSTL) and at other locations within the WUSTL campus.

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